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Boston, Massachusetts, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 42.3584308, Longitude: -71.0597732


1870 US Census
1870 US Census
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
1880 US Census
1880 US Census
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
1900 US Census
1900 US Census
New England Hospital
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
1900 US Census
1900 US Census
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
1900 US Census
1900 US Census
Boston, Suffolk County, Massacusetts
1900 US Census
1900 US Census
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Fort Warren Military Post, Boston, Massachusetts
Fort Warren Military Post, Boston, Massachusetts
Fort Warren was built from 1833 to 1861 and was completed shortly after the beginning of the American Civil War.

Georges Island, Boston


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ralph Pierce  1935Boston, Massachusetts, USA I27165
2 Anthony, Angus  13 Aug 1887Boston, Massachusetts, USA I27581
3 Barry, Elizabeth Lord  17 Apr 1879Boston, Massachusetts, USA I17711
4 Blanchard, Frank E.  1858Boston, Massachusetts, USA I25114
5 Christopher, Samuel William  18 Apr 1915Boston, Massachusetts, USA I20700
6 Copeland, Leah Winifred  1889Boston, Massachusetts, USA I27582
7 Derby, George Francis  23 Jun 1886Boston, Massachusetts, USA I08512
8 Dow, Dorothy A.  22 Nov 1921Boston, Massachusetts, USA I19288
9 Dow, Harold Hayward  30 Dec 1919Boston, Massachusetts, USA I19287
10 Duffy, Harold Joseph  6 Feb 1910Boston, Massachusetts, USA I26408
11 Dunham, Carroll  3 Mar 1919Boston, Massachusetts, USA I28114
12 Freeborn, James H.  Jun 1844Boston, Massachusetts, USA I25118
13 Gorges, Thomas Everett  17 Jul 1885Boston, Massachusetts, USA I25320
14 Grinstead, Anne Safford  12 Nov 1919Boston, Massachusetts, USA I28214
15 Hayward, Ernest Wales  1 Jul 1865Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05372
16 Hayward, Frances Stella  11 Nov 1861Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05371
17 Hayward, Harry Bradbury  21 Jul 1871Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05373
18 Hoyle, Frederick L.  1862Boston, Massachusetts, USA I08420
19 Kennedy, James Joseph  1921Boston, Massachusetts, USA I25237
20 Miller, Dorothy O.  1903Boston, Massachusetts, USA I19483
21 Mulcahy, Margaret Louise  8 Oct 1911Boston, Massachusetts, USA I28201
22 Nelson, Mary Theresa  7 Nov 1932Boston, Massachusetts, USA I28596
23 Orcutt, William Harvey  2 Mar 1894Boston, Massachusetts, USA I641
24 Partlow, Robert Baker  27 May 1919Boston, Massachusetts, USA I20255
25 Pichette, Avis Leone  1 Nov 1911Boston, Massachusetts, USA I10187
26 Prendergast, Marylee  1966Boston, Massachusetts, USA I103
27 Quick, George Wesley L.  9 Feb 1917Boston, Massachusetts, USA I02050
28 Repplier, Banning  3 Jul 1917Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05426
29 Rothermel, Frederick William  29 Jun 1886Boston, Massachusetts, USA I25303
30 Smith, Frank Roger  21 Jul 1932Boston, Massachusetts, USA I09831
31 Sperrazza, Marie Catherine  15 May 1917Boston, Massachusetts, USA I10573
32 Stanwood, Lucy J.  20 Feb 1835Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05115
33 Washburn, Virginia Mae  7 Mar 1926Boston, Massachusetts, USA I3711
34 Wood, Dwight Reynolds  23 Feb 1949Boston, Massachusetts, USA I28128


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cayen, Elizabeth May  20 Jul 1969Boston, Massachusetts, USA I04178
2 Chapel, Horace S.  12 Jun 1854Boston, Massachusetts, USA I04887
3 Chapman, Hugh Brockway  1959Boston, Massachusetts, USA I27972
4 Currier, June Annis  30 Jun 2007Boston, Massachusetts, USA I07353
5 Davis, Paul Duncan  6 Apr 1980Boston, Massachusetts, USA I03318
6 Delenk, Wolfram Nick  4 Dec 1973Boston, Massachusetts, USA I25039
7 Donovan, Lillian M.  1948Boston, Massachusetts, USA I24969
8 Doolittle, Burton Baldwin  16 Jan 1940Boston, Massachusetts, USA I07037
9 Fuller, Lydia  Aft Oct 1914Boston, Massachusetts, USA I11739
10 Hamilton, Jody Lee  12 Apr 2002Boston, Massachusetts, USA I09314
11 Hayward, Ernest Wales  9 Jan 1866Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05372
12 Hayward, Frances Stella  28 Dec 1867Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05371
13 Hayward, Waldo Banning  1935Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05370
14 Mellen, Helen Josephine  23 May 1922Boston, Massachusetts, USA I05419
15 Oelrichs, Blanche Marie  5 Nov 1950Boston, Massachusetts, USA I19353
16 Robinson, Nancy M.  18 May 1900Boston, Massachusetts, USA I07233
17 Schick, William Joseph  1927Boston, Massachusetts, USA I09777
18 Swasey, Raymond Brockway  25 Aug 1944Boston, Massachusetts, USA I27985
19 Todd, George Whittle  1958Boston, Massachusetts, USA I19423


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Gregory  22 Apr 1898Boston, Massachusetts, USA F11455
2 Banning / Norwood  10 Apr 1894Boston, Massachusetts, USA F2777
3 Beebe / Sperrazza  1947Boston, Massachusetts, USA F3604
4 Cassel / Banning  1969Boston, Massachusetts, USA F11878
5 Duffy / Banning  1932Boston, Massachusetts, USA F12875
6 Gelman / Banning  20 Nov 1875Boston, Massachusetts, USA F3496
7 LaPlace / Anderson  12 Oct 1886Boston, Massachusetts, USA F9290
8 Pichette / Marena  22 Aug 1909Boston, Massachusetts, USA F3459
9 Post / Bogue  9 Aug 1913Boston, Massachusetts, USA F13911
10 Stanley / Wiley  3 Apr 1912Boston, Massachusetts, USA F13026
11 Sterling / Mulcahy  1932Boston, Massachusetts, USA F13782
12 Swartwout / Tolles  19 May 1897Boston, Massachusetts, USA F11365