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New Jersey, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Camie M.  1882New Jersey, USA I27397
2 ?, Eleanor  1900New Jersey, USA I24759
3 ?, Emily Mary  1878New Jersey, USA I22460
4 ?, Esther  1904New Jersey, USA I10109
5 ?, Ethel L.  Sep 1881New Jersey, USA I22286
6 ?, Harriet Anne  Oct 1867New Jersey, USA I10115
7 Atkinson, Edward  1872New Jersey, USA I10116
8 Barrett, Ruth Elizabeth  1904New Jersey, USA I22605
9 Beebe, Charlotte  Jun 1894New Jersey, USA I10121
10 Beebe, Elsie  1925New Jersey, USA I10110
11 Beebe, Esther  1926New Jersey, USA I10111
12 Beebe, Florence  Oct 1896New Jersey, USA I10122
13 Beebe, George L.  Apr 1889New Jersey, USA I10120
14 Beebe, Henry  Mar 1887New Jersey, USA I10118
15 Beebe, Lewis  Aug 1885New Jersey, USA I10117
16 Beebe, Marjorie  1927New Jersey, USA I10112
17 Beebe, Melissa  1900New Jersey, USA I10124
18 Beebe, Ralph R.  1904New Jersey, USA I07080
19 Beebe, Richard  May 1852New Jersey, USA I10114
20 Beebe, Theodore  Jun 1899New Jersey, USA I10123
21 Beebe, Vera  1918New Jersey, USA I10126
22 Beebe, William  1905New Jersey, USA I07081
23 Boyer, Charles  1911New Jersey, USA I28695
24 Boyer, Charles F.  14 Aug 1921New Jersey, USA I28691
25 Boyer, Naomi  Dec 1897New Jersey, USA I28682
26 Brady, Albert H.  Apr 1879New Jersey, USA I06894
27 Brady, Anna E.  Jun 1870New Jersey, USA I06891
28 Brewster, Arthur Everett  6 Jan 1898New Jersey, USA I24748
29 Brewster, Clarence R.  1 Nov 1907New Jersey, USA I24752
30 Brewster, Lawrence  15 Jun 1920New Jersey, USA I24765
31 Brewster, Milton J.  1910New Jersey, USA I24753
32 Brooks, Meta E.  1914New Jersey, USA I16174
33 Carle, Natalie  1911New Jersey, USA I11270
34 Colton, Robert C.  10 Apr 1932New Jersey, USA I28700
35 Colton, Robert S.  5 Jan 1906New Jersey, USA I28699
36 Connors, Margaret  22 Jan 1897New Jersey, USA I27338
37 Cook, Warren J.  1885New Jersey, USA I09776
38 Daniels, Charles  1932New Jersey, USA I28580
39 Dennler, Gertrude E.  Dec 1899New Jersey, USA I10506
40 Dennler, Gladys F.  1906New Jersey, USA I10508
41 Dennler, Harold B.  1902New Jersey, USA I10507
42 Drakeford, Emma  Feb 1906New Jersey, USA I28684
43 Emmons, Terry Renee  1 Mar 1954New Jersey, USA I24801
44 Haywood, John H.  1910New Jersey, USA I21781
45 Henry, Charlotte  1904New Jersey, USA I22602
46 Henry, E. Bowen  14 Aug 1903New Jersey, USA I22459
47 Henry, James  1901New Jersey, USA I22579
48 Henry, Luther George  1902New Jersey, USA I22287
49 Henry, William  Nov 1890New Jersey, USA I22270
50 Hinton, Henry L.  Sep 1840New Jersey, USA I24585

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becker, Lydia  10 Sep 2007New Jersey, USA I26719
2 Benjamin, Eleanor Josephine  Aug 1982New Jersey, USA I23440
3 Lewis, T. Virginia  24 Feb 2011New Jersey, USA I28722
4 Madden, James F.  1 Oct 1936New Jersey, USA I19209
5 Reed, Lawrence John  23 Jun 2004New Jersey, USA I21124


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boyer / Krewson  1906New Jersey, USA F14003
2 Boyer / Mihawk  1916New Jersey, USA F14002
3 Drakeford / Phelps  1902New Jersey, USA F13999
4 Farnsworth / Taylor  Jun 1947New Jersey, USA F13615
5 Holt / Boyer  1917New Jersey, USA F14001
6 Hope / Masterson  9 Oct 1948New Jersey, USA F15745
7 Pecora / Boyer  1939New Jersey, USA F14023
8 Ray / Drakeford  1933New Jersey, USA F14000
9 Rosseland / Raabe  1944New Jersey, USA F13623
10 Whitcomb / Lerette  27 Nov 1935New Jersey, USA F13657