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Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada


The current Municipality of Chatham-Kent was created in 1998 by the amalgamation of Kent County, Blenheim, Bothwell, Camden Township, city of Chatham, Chatham Township, Dover, Dresden, Erie Beach, Erieau, Harwich, Highgate, Howard, Orford, Raleigh, Ridgetown, Rodney, Thamesville, Tilbury East, Tilbury, Wallaceburg, Wheatley and Zone.

City/Town : Latitude: 42.402531, Longitude: -82.18856


1851 Canada Census
1851 Canada Census
Camden East, Canada West
1851 Canada Census
1851 Canada Census
Camden Township, Canada West
1861 Canada Census
1861 Canada Census
Camden Township, Canada West
1871 Canada Census
1871 Canada Census
Camden Township, Ontario
1871 Canada Census
1871 Canada Census
Camden Township, Ontario


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Babcock, Alzania Ann  3 Mar 1867Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13875
2 Babcock, Luella Pearl  23 Jun 1896Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13847
3 Babcock, Rachel  Feb 1825Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13456
4 Boylan, John Randall  Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13559
5 Boylan, Robert Arthur  21 May 1866Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13558
6 Burgess, Martha  Nov 1858Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13273
7 Files, Lucy Ann  1851Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13554
8 Galbraith, Mary Ellen  1865Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14255
9 Hogeboom, Isaac Smith  27 Mar 1834Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13660
10 Hunter, Nelson  1826Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14042
11 Lockwood, Samuel  1849Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13555
12 Nugent, Aaron  1845Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13479
13 Perry, Aylsworth Bowen  11 Jun 1861Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13769
14 Perry, Damon  1 Nov 1865Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13595
15 Perry, James  1825Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I01312
16 Perry, Jeremiah  15 Oct 1869Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13604
17 Perry, John Henry Allan  8 May 1889Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14258
18 Perry, Reginald Jeremiah  20 Nov 1882Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14256
19 Perry, Roy Harold  19 Jun 1903Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14266
20 Perry, Wellington John  Nov 1852Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13593
21 Perry, William Henry  2 Mar 1872Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13605
22 Peters, Adelaide  Jan 1841Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13443
23 Peters, Anson  Mar 1844Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13521
24 Peters, Diadama  Jan 1842Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13515
25 Peters, Elias Hiram  May 1835Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13509
26 Peters, Elizabeth  Oct 1850Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13513
27 Peters, Flora Alice  1869Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14191
28 Peters, Gideon  Jan 1843Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13511
29 Peters, Hester Ann  Jul 1838Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13510
30 Peters, John S.  Jan 1850Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13457
31 Peters, Leonard Sidney  1854Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13540
32 Peters, Mary  1 Jun 1873Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13470
33 Peters, Netty Ellie  1862Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13445
34 Peters, Palmer Thomas  1876Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14376
35 Peters, Rachel  Dec 1841Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13520
36 Peters, Samuel Andrew  1856Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13541
37 Peters, Sarah  Sep 1844Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13516
38 Peters, William  Feb 1840Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13514
39 Storey, Byron D.  1875Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14305
40 Thornbury, Mary E.  Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13560
41 Van Valkenburg, Harriet  1836Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13661
42 Wager, Ella May  1868Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14202
43 Wager, Malinda  1849Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13572
44 Webster, Margaret  1862Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13551
45 Wells, William James W.  29 Oct 1889Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14195


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bayliss, Lorna Doreen  23 Jun 1986Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I19027
2 Boylan, Robert Arthur  14 Apr 1936Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13558
3 Buis, William  1852Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I97
4 Byers, Andrew David  23 Sep 1967Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I00041
5 Byers, Thomas Richard Elwood  16 Oct 2007Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I00043
6 McCabe, Emily Jane  24 Sep 1969Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I14294
7 Mick, Muriel Olivia  13 Jul 2001Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I17386
8 Perry, George Alvie  26 Jun 1910Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I16235
9 Perry, Hannah  21 Apr 1866Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I16392
10 Peters, Eliza  9 Apr 1927Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13827
11 Peters, Martha  6 Oct 1930Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13447
12 Peters, William Watchman  18 Jan 1872Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I37
13 Snyder, John  1845Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I81
14 Wharram, Edgar Alvin  26 Oct 1942Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I12961


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Peters, Eliza  11 Apr 1927Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13827
2 Peters, Harvey Rodney  5 Nov 1927Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13793
3 Peters, Victoria Ann  18 Apr 1931Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada I13469


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lockwood / Files  4 Feb 1872Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada F4626
2 Peters / Webster  13 Jun 1882Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada F4623