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Syracuse, New York, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 43.0481221, Longitude: -76.14742439999998


1870 US Census
1870 US Census
Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York
1880 US Census
1880 US Census
Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York
1880 US Census
1880 US Census
Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York
1900 US Census
1900 US Census
Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York
1930 US Census
1930 US Census
Syracuse, New York
1940 US Census
1940 US Census
Syracuse, New York
At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
1940 US Census
1940 US Census
Syracuse, New York


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayerst, Lester James  1 May 1957Syracuse, New York, USA I4267
2 Bailey, William George  16 Jun 1935Syracuse, New York, USA I26780
3 Barnes, Robert Harvey  17 Feb 1931Syracuse, New York, USA I1932
4 Becker, Henry Adam  21 Sep 1926Syracuse, New York, USA I26703
5 Bice, Lorraine Sadie  17 Aug 1928Syracuse, New York, USA I1658
6 Boland, Ronald  1942Syracuse, New York, USA I26765
7 Butts, Dorothy Alberta  28 Feb 1914Syracuse, New York, USA I26987
8 Chamberlain, Urana Nash  7 Aug 1919Syracuse, New York, USA I26878
9 Chollar, Baby  9 Jul 1895Syracuse, New York, USA I28783
10 Chollar, Bessie  1877Syracuse, New York, USA I28784
11 Chollar, John Sandford  30 Jun 1911Syracuse, New York, USA I28792
12 Chollar, Lucinette Anne  14 Dec 1886Syracuse, New York, USA I28786
13 Chollar, Robert G.  10 Feb 1914Syracuse, New York, USA I28793
14 Chollar, Walter Edward  28 Aug 1890Syracuse, New York, USA I28785
15 Coman, Margaret Eileen  17 Aug 1931Syracuse, New York, USA I1904
16 Cromp, Winona Winifred  3 Jul 1927Syracuse, New York, USA I4266
17 Crozier, Richard Chollar  16 Feb 1917Syracuse, New York, USA I28808
18 Cullen, Jeffrey P.  22 Dec 1956Syracuse, New York, USA I1919
19 Cullen, Robert Francis  1 Aug 1927Syracuse, New York, USA I1909
20 Cullen, Scott Patrick  1958Syracuse, New York, USA I1910
21 Eggleston, Clara M.  30 Jul 1908Syracuse, New York, USA I26776
22 Finney, Ada Josephine  25 Jan 1921Syracuse, New York, USA I26821
23 Finney, Henry William  31 Aug 1896Syracuse, New York, USA I26700
24 Finney, Robert A.  23 Nov 1928Syracuse, New York, USA I26702
25 Gardner, Carolyn Marie  11 Mar 1939Syracuse, New York, USA I26992
26 Hughes, Charles  8 Feb 1917Syracuse, New York, USA I26822
27 Kearns, James Wray  29 Mar 1915Syracuse, New York, USA I05796
28 Keleher, Francis B.  20 Dec 1929Syracuse, New York, USA I1645
29 King, Harvey Edward  19 Jan 1903Syracuse, New York, USA I28789
30 King, Harvey Louis  25 Jun 1879Syracuse, New York, USA I28788
31 Kirton, Kenneth M.  31 Dec 1907Syracuse, New York, USA I28966
32 Lancette, Donald George  21 Jan 1927Syracuse, New York, USA I1931
33 Lee, Stewart Fayette  3 Nov 1919Syracuse, New York, USA I26753
34 Owens, James E.  11 Feb 1915Syracuse, New York, USA I26827
35 Paninski, John Edward  10 Aug 1916Syracuse, New York, USA I1888
36 Paninski, Mary Ellen  8 Mar 1920Syracuse, New York, USA I1921
37 Pepper, Alice L.  23 Aug 1924Syracuse, New York, USA I1889
38 Phair, Mildred G.  27 Jul 1911Syracuse, New York, USA I1761
39 Price, Carl Joseph  16 Jul 1935Syracuse, New York, USA I1885
40 Price, Edward William  1957Syracuse, New York, USA I1892
41 Price, Floyd Walter  16 Jun 1926Syracuse, New York, USA I1883
42 Price, James Edward  25 May 1935Syracuse, New York, USA I1922
43 Simson, Muriel Claramae  1 Oct 1932Syracuse, New York, USA I26965
44 Tondeur, Leonard Henry  27 Dec 1929Syracuse, New York, USA I1928
45 Tracey, Anna Ellen  26 Aug 1891Syracuse, New York, USA I1942
46 Whitcomb, Arthur Eugene  23 Oct 1906Syracuse, New York, USA I27949
47 Wilcox, William  1960Syracuse, New York, USA I26708
48 Wiley, Frederick Lyon  4 Mar 1912Syracuse, New York, USA I07069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Agley, Jean Katherine  6 Jan 2020Syracuse, New York, USA I1903
2 Agley, William Edward  28 May 2008Syracuse, New York, USA I1902
3 Agley, William Michael  17 Jan 1936Syracuse, New York, USA I1887
4 Ayerst, Lester James  14 Sep 1956Syracuse, New York, USA I4261
5 Ayerst, Lester James  1 May 1957Syracuse, New York, USA I4267
6 Bailey, Claude Lower  17 Sep 1959Syracuse, New York, USA I26754
7 Banning, Walter Edgar  11 Jan 1917Syracuse, New York, USA I28775
8 Bernhardt, Catherine  1997Syracuse, New York, USA I04166
9 Bice, Irma Irene  27 May 1991Syracuse, New York, USA I1660
10 Boyer, Samuel  1 May 1935Syracuse, New York, USA I04155
11 Boyer, Samuel  27 Nov 1945Syracuse, New York, USA I04152
12 Cates, Robert Addison  3 Aug 1959Syracuse, New York, USA I08426
13 Chollar, Baby  9 Jul 1895Syracuse, New York, USA I28783
14 Coman, Margaret Eileen  2 Dec 2000Syracuse, New York, USA I1904
15 Cromp, Winona Winifred  22 May 2002Syracuse, New York, USA I4266
16 Curcie, Mary  29 Jun 1959Syracuse, New York, USA I5863
17 Downey, Edmund L.  17 Jul 1971Syracuse, New York, USA I26860
18 Fagnan, Charles H.  25 Mar 1993Syracuse, New York, USA I14691
19 Files, Charles Wilbert  21 Mar 1994Syracuse, New York, USA I1702
20 Finney, Augustus  12 Mar 1929Syracuse, New York, USA I26689
21 Finney, George Elmer  22 Mar 1922Syracuse, New York, USA I26690
22 Finney, Henry William  21 Mar 1958Syracuse, New York, USA I26700
23 Finney, Raymond Thomas  6 Feb 1947Syracuse, New York, USA I26694
24 Fleming, Maxwell Joseph  23 Dec 2013Syracuse, New York, USA I4265
25 Grover, Frank Bruce  19 Nov 1980Syracuse, New York, USA I07066
26 Hellinger, Justin John  11 Mar 2010Syracuse, New York, USA I1548
27 Hutchinson, Clara E.  12 Aug 1922Syracuse, New York, USA I26746
28 Laventure, Ruth Helen  24 Dec 2005Syracuse, New York, USA I26767
29 Lee, Stewart Chase  21 Nov 1975Syracuse, New York, USA I26751
30 Lighthall, Edna M.  13 Nov 1938Syracuse, New York, USA I15777
31 McGlen, Lyle F.  18 Nov 1987Syracuse, New York, USA I27009
32 Mead, Elizabeth Ann  7 Feb 2012Syracuse, New York, USA I27003
33 O'Neil, Margaret Mary  26 Apr 2007Syracuse, New York, USA I26823
34 O'Neill, John Edward  7 Jul 1947Syracuse, New York, USA I1598
35 Owens, James E.  30 Oct 2010Syracuse, New York, USA I26827
36 Phair, Mildred G.  7 Dec 1983Syracuse, New York, USA I1761
37 Phillips, Dorothy May  27 Aug 2021Syracuse, New York, USA I1819
38 Powell, Florence L.  25 Jan 1970Syracuse, New York, USA I1602
39 Price, Arthur Lincoln  22 Nov 1969Syracuse, New York, USA I1604
40 Price, Bertha May  13 Sep 1943Syracuse, New York, USA I1585
41 Price, Carl Joseph  15 Mar 1982Syracuse, New York, USA I1885
42 Price, Donald  6 Mar 1996Syracuse, New York, USA I1884
43 Price, James Edward  25 Sep 1947Syracuse, New York, USA I1594
44 Price, Katherine Hattie  26 Nov 1988Syracuse, New York, USA I1881
45 Ruf, Catherine  1962Syracuse, New York, USA I26698
46 Sandford, Mary Jane  15 Feb 1908Syracuse, New York, USA I28780
47 Selfridge, Robert Stanley  1 Jun 1972Syracuse, New York, USA I00723
48 Sheeley, James W.  30 Jan 1954Syracuse, New York, USA I10249
49 Sollars, Robin K.  2 Oct 2006Syracuse, New York, USA I26981
50 Sollars, Ronald K.  3 Mar 2009Syracuse, New York, USA I26958

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cullen, Jeffrey P.  Syracuse, New York, USA I1919


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Agley / Coman  15 Sep 1956Syracuse, New York, USA F662
2 Agley / Price  30 Jul 1931Syracuse, New York, USA F614
3 Arendos / Finney  22 Feb 1936Syracuse, New York, USA F13098
4 Ayerst / Cromp  8 May 1954Syracuse, New York, USA F16347
5 Bailey / Finney  8 Sep 1932Syracuse, New York, USA F13063
6 Banning / Caldwell  17 Mar 1898Syracuse, New York, USA F2476
7 Barnes / Price  20 Jan 1951Syracuse, New York, USA F670
8 Benn / Walton  10 Mar 1944Syracuse, New York, USA F15320
9 Crozier / Chollar  15 Sep 1914Syracuse, New York, USA F14054
10 Erwin / Finney  14 Aug 1954Syracuse, New York, USA F13073
11 Files / Phair  28 Nov 1935Syracuse, New York, USA F611
12 Goodenough / Hickox  27 Jun 1929Syracuse, New York, USA F13146
13 Heitman / Engler  19 Sep 2015Syracuse, New York, USA F13751
14 Hughes / Finney  29 Sep 1939Syracuse, New York, USA F13096
15 Kearns / Walton  17 Dec 1937Syracuse, New York, USA F1939
16 King / Chollar  22 Jul 1901Syracuse, New York, USA F14042
17 Paninski / Price  11 Feb 1937Syracuse, New York, USA F654
18 Sawyer / Price  18 Feb 1953Syracuse, New York, USA F667
19 Tondeur / Price  11 May 1956Syracuse, New York, USA F668
20 Veley / Hallenbeck  23 Jun 1945Syracuse, New York, USA F5117


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Price / LaBrake  11 Aug 1920Syracuse, New York, USA F562