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Saskatchewan, Canada


State/Province : Latitude: 52.9399159, Longitude: -106.4508639


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Banning, Dorothy  1914Saskatchewan, Canada I18052
2 Barnett, Doris Thelma  Jan 1911Saskatchewan, Canada I03527
3 Barnett, George Dudley  1915Saskatchewan, Canada I03525
4 Blair, Gilbert Thompson  1915Saskatchewan, Canada I17802
5 Casey, Robin Allen  12 Nov 1916Saskatchewan, Canada I04310
6 Corrigan, Gordon Willard  3 Aug 1915Saskatchewan, Canada I3405
7 Corrigan, Leslie Elliott  1917Saskatchewan, Canada I12650
8 Dawson, Mildred R.  May 1906Saskatchewan, Canada I11264
9 Dawson, Violet May E.  Oct 1907Saskatchewan, Canada I11265
10 Fisher, Annie  1897Saskatchewan, Canada I11736
11 Geres, Ferdinand Jacob  1919Saskatchewan, Canada I12728
12 Gibbs, Dorothy  1919Saskatchewan, Canada I947
13 Keefer, Leo Angus  5 Jul 1908Saskatchewan, Canada I02581
14 Manning, Bertha Alice  1915Saskatchewan, Canada I954
15 McDermid, Doris Ella  18 May 1915Saskatchewan, Canada I21238
16 McDermid, Douglas Earl  1917Saskatchewan, Canada I21241
17 McDermid, Ida Beryl  9 Dec 1918Saskatchewan, Canada I21230
18 McDermid, Pauline Vera  28 Dec 1920Saskatchewan, Canada I21232
19 McIntyre, Mary Ada  12 Jun 1912Saskatchewan, Canada I12779
20 Munro, Orman Carl  21 Apr 1919Saskatchewan, Canada I02822
21 Nicholson, Elroy  1911Saskatchewan, Canada I03528
22 Nuttall, Phyllis Annette  1916Saskatchewan, Canada I944
23 Palmer, Myrtle Gwendoline  6 Jul 1920Saskatchewan, Canada I16360
24 Perry, Allan  1906Saskatchewan, Canada I13685
25 Perry, Audrey Mary  5 May 1920Saskatchewan, Canada I3242
26 Perry, Vera  26 Jul 1916Saskatchewan, Canada I3051
27 Perry, William Lee  Saskatchewan, Canada I16355
28 Pretty, John  1913Saskatchewan, Canada I12589
29 Pretty, Martha  1915Saskatchewan, Canada I12590
30 Pretty, Robert Arnold  1918Saskatchewan, Canada I30984
31 Stearns, Etta Margaret  1919Saskatchewan, Canada I18936
32 Stearns, Russell Melvin  26 Jun 1917Saskatchewan, Canada I18935
33 Turner, Irene Elizabeth  1915Saskatchewan, Canada I03133
34 Valliant, Ronald H.  11 Sep 1937Saskatchewan, Canada I12841
35 Woods, John Amos  24 Feb 1919Saskatchewan, Canada I2803


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Matilda  17 Oct 1955Saskatchewan, Canada I02276
2 Crittenden, Mary Jane  1952Saskatchewan, Canada I06617
3 Keefer, Leo Angus  11 Jul 2001Saskatchewan, Canada I02581
4 McIntyre, Edwin MacPherson  18 Sep 1989Saskatchewan, Canada I12773
5 McIntyre, Jennie Clara  28 Feb 1990Saskatchewan, Canada I12777
6 Munro, Allan Murray  6 May 1973Saskatchewan, Canada I02846
7 Perry, Jennifer Zolia  Saskatchewan, Canada I06624
8 Perry, John Wesley  Aft 1929Saskatchewan, Canada I13528
9 Stevenson, Alice  30 May 1981Saskatchewan, Canada I15871
10 Stevenson, Gordon Taylor  1999Saskatchewan, Canada I31993


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Perry / Harrison  15 Sep 1915Saskatchewan, Canada F3509